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Making The Right Choices Will Help You Get In Shape
by Deborah Prosser

When you want to lose weight and get in shape, it's all about making good choices. If you've been trying to lose a few extra pounds or get rid of those sagging muscles but haven't been successful, you need to look at the choices you're making.

(Article continued below.)

When you first woke up this morning did you decide to put the clock on snooze and get a few more zzz's? Or did you think about getting a morning coffee and donut on the way to work? Maybe you looked at the balance ball and weights in the corner on the way to the shower and wished you had more time for exercising. On the way to work you notice a woman who is slim and fit at the crosswalk. You think, why can't I look like that, but quickly dismiss the idea and pick up the breakfast you've been thinking about. Already you have made some important choices and you haven't even got past the first few minutes.

Every day we make hundreds of decisions that affect our lives. Once you start making better choices, you'll start getting better results. Once you start seeing better results, you'll start to feel so empowered, it will seem magical. Whether you want to slim down, tone muscles, or begin a fitness program, start by making the right choices from the time you wake up until you go to bed. Before long you'll start to feel the power from within.

Here are a few choice examples to get you started:

Set your alarm 15 minutes earlier
Before you go to bed make a decision to wake up earlier. Set your alarm clock so you have time to exercise before showering and having a healthy breakfast. Do a few stretching and warm up exercises for 5 to 10 minutes as soon as you get out of bed. This is a great way to get your circulation going. You'll feel more energized for your exercise workout and throughout the rest of the day.

Eat a healthy breakfast
Decide to eat a healthy breakfast each and every day. For example, choose a breakfast cereal fortified with calcium and other nutrients. Add some fruit for antioxidants. Make a smoothie before having a morning coffee and choose a nutrition bar over a donut. There are plenty of other healthy breakfast and snack choices that will give your body the fuel it will need.

Make an appointment with your exercise gear
Set aside time 4 or 5 days a week to exercise for at least 30 to 40 minutes each time. Choose an exercise that you can afford to keep doing and that is of interest to you. You can get started immediately by just going walking. It's a good way to start any exercise program. Almost everyone can walk and you only have to buy a good pair of walking shoes. If you already own some exercise equipment, start using it. Make a commitment of time and stick with your decision.

Tell others about your fitness goals
Once you have decided on your goals, tell everyone you know. By making your choices known to others it will help keep you motivated to carry through on your decisions. Maybe you'll even inspire others to set their own goals. Keeping your promises to yourself and others is an important part of getting results from your decisions.

Make no excuses
Our thoughts are very powerful. We need to use the power of thinking to our advantage. When we set goals we usually will start acting in ways toward achieving them. Sure, there will be times when you are less motivated than others, but don't let excuses get you off track. Sometimes our minds will try and trick us out of doing what we've decided to do. So, keep check on your thoughts and if you start thinking of ways to get out of doing what you've decided to do... don't let excuses get you side tracked.

The magic of the mind
We have control over the choices we make. There are hundreds of opportunities each and every day to make better choices about your health and fitness and it's up to you whether you make them work for you. In other words, you can get the results you want simply by making better decisions and acting on them. The magic is in knowing the choice is yours to make.

Wow, isn't that great news!

About The Author:
Deborah is a fitness enthusiast and co-author of the book "Marathon Training Tips." Her website Get In Shape focuses on health and fitness for women and is part of the Ipcor Publishing Network. Contact Deborah at

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