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What is the purpose of All Spirit Fitness?

The overall goal of All Spirit Fitness is to educate and enlighten. We believe that a healthy body, mind and spirit all work together to achieve balance. You'll find a little about every aspect of inner and outer fitness on this site.

Why are there so many articles about Yoga?

Janiss Garza, the editor-in-chief of All Spirit Fitness, was the "Yoga Guide" (producer, editor and writer) of the Yoga site on During her time there she wrote over 40 features and a couple dozen video reviews. Since there is no longer a Yoga site on, she has published these articles here for everyone's benefit. Eventually the number of features and reviews about other types of fitness approaches will equal and surpass the quantity of Yoga content. We are not done with Yoga here, however! We will continue to publish new material about Yoga along with everything else.

Can you tell me what to do about my arthritis/high blood pressure/bunions?

In a word, no. We are not doctors here and cannot legally give medical advice - nor do we want to! If you have physical problems - or even think you may have a physical problem or illness - then please see your primary care provider. The material on All Spirit Fitness is for information purposes only and should never, ever replace any advice or help from a doctor. Ever. For more information regarding this, please see our Terms of Use.

I want to lose 20 pounds by the end of this month - can your site help me?

We certainly hope not - that is not a healthy or balanced approach to losing weight! At All Spirit Fitness we don't believe in miracle cures and fast fixes. We believe in moderation and a whole-istic (body, mind and spirit) approach to fitness. We want you to look and feel good. If you are searching for a magic weight loss pill, you have come to the wrong place.

I love your logo! Who made it?

The All Spirit Fitness logo was created by Marshall Bowden, a Chicago-based web and graphic designer. His company is mib designs, which creates web pages and sites, logos, banners, graphics, brochures, and business cards (mib also helps with site hosting, marketing/ search engine placement and creative copy writing). Along with being an inspired artist, Marshall is also one of the web's premier jazz critics. He was the Classic Jazz Guide at About and now has his own jazz website, Jazzitude.

I bought something on your site and I'm not happy with the product. Who do I complain to?

Actually, you didn't buy something from All Spirit Fitness - we don't sell anything on the site. What you did was make a purchase from one of our affiliates or sponsors. If you are not satisfied with the product you bought, you should go directly to them. We can't do anything for you here. However, if you feel that one of our affiliates or sponsors is misrepresenting its products and that this company should not be a part of All Spirit Fitness, then please contact us at We will look into the matter and, although we don't promise anything, we may consider removing that ompany from the site.

Can you link to my site?

Maybe. We update our links periodically and sometimes look for new websites. If you would like to have your site considered as a link, please email It may take a few weeks to review the link and respond. If your site is commercial in nature, or if you have something to sell, please contact for our advertising rates.

Can I hype my product on your Forum?

No. The Higher Fitness Forum is meant for people to share their ideas and support. Except for what Prospero puts up there, we want the Forum to be as advertising-free as possible. One exception: if you have a bookstore affiliate (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.) and you want to post about a book you have read, you can add an affiliate link. Do not abuse this, however - in other words, don't post just so you can add a link to your affiliate - you will be properly chastised if you do this! Those who abuse Forum privileges on a regular basis will be banned from the Forum.

I would love to write for your site. Do you accept submissions?

Unfortunately not at this time. All Spirit Fitness is a new site, and until we can tell for sure what our editorial budget can afford, all our writing is done in-house. A lot of people are willing to write for free, but we at All Spirit Fitness believe that writers should be compensated for their efforts. Until we can write freelancers into our editorial budget we can not accept outside submissions.
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