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The Best Body Sculpting Ever: The All-New TransFIRMer™!

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We already thought that The Firm®'s body sculpting series of workouts were the best exercise videos and DVDs, but the TransFIRMer™ really surprised us. In fact, we're willing to wager that the TransFIRMer™ is the best body sculpting system ever. The reason why is the Firm®'s new weapon in the battle to decrease fat and build muscle tone: the 5-in-1 TransFIRMer™ step system. If you thought the Fanny Lifter™ was great, you'll love the TransFIRMer™ These 2 interlinkable steps sculpt your body with 5 different exercise routines:

Incline Body Sculpting Exercise Incline Body Sculpting::
Targets the hips, thighs, abs buttocks, and upper body for all-around muscle toning.
Side-By-Side Body Sculpting Exercise Side-By-Side Body Sculpting:
Offers creative new cardio exercises that shape your legs.
The 14-inch Combined Stack for Intense Body Sculpting The 14" Combined Stack for Intense Body Sculpting:
Give your legs and arms serious muscle tone!
The 8-inch Body Sculpting Exercise Platform The 8" Body Sculpting Platform:
These exercises increase your intensity to enhance your results.
The 6-inch Body Sculpting Exercise Platform The 6" Body Sculpting Platform:
Want your cardio lower impact? The Firm's got you covered with this exercise platform!

The 5-in-1 TransFIRMer™ step system is accompanied by 4 all-new workout routines, and each one sculpts your body in unique and effective ways:

  • Supercharged Body Sculpting Workout
    In just 30 minutes you'll boost your metabolism via an incredible exercise routine. Your muscles will gain tone and shape, and this helps you burn calories all day (and night) long!
  • Aerobic Body Shaping Workout
    Combine body sculpting with cardio for a 55-minute total-body exercise session that will completely reshape your figure!
  • Ultimate Calorie Blaster Workout
    This routine both sculpts your body and blasts the fat with 45-minutes of cardio combined with light weights. When you want maximum calorie burn, this workout is it.
  • Jiggle Free Abs Workout
    In 25 minutes you'll sculpt your abs, whether you're a recent exercise convert or an experienced Firm® fanatic who's putting the finishing touches on that flat stomach.

And you also get the brand-new Firm Results® Program Guide and Firm Formula. So if you're looking for real results in a body sculpting program, look no farther than the Firm's new exercise system, the TransFIRMer™!

Sculpt your body now! Get the all-new TransFIRMer™ exercise series!

TransFIRMer body sculpting system

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