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Make the most of your mind-body-spirit workout, whether it's Yoga, Pilates or Tai Chi, with the help of equipment and supplies from our popular merchants. Looking for a Yoga mat? Meditation cushion? Reformer? The best Tai Chi DVD? We can make your shopping experience painless, and even fun!

Yoga Equipment Yoga Equipment
To do Yoga you need a good sticky mat. But to really have a Yoga practice, you'll need a variety of items - blocks, straps and other props to help you deepen your postures, bolsters for restorative poses, instructional DVDs to broaden your practice, music and other nice accessories like eye pillows for Shavasana and a bag for that mat. We have all these items featured and lots more!

pilates equipment Pilates Equipment
Pilates matwork was Joseph H. Pilates' original workout, but there are also a variety of Pilates machines and accessories, some developed by Mr. Pilates and some that have been created by other Pilates instructors. Here you'll find all kinds of Pilates equipment that will enhance the great, muscle-lengthening and limbering workouts you get from your Pilates practice, along with books and DVDs that will broaden its scope.

Hugger Mugger Yoga on the Ball Kit Stability Balls & Accessories
Compared to Yoga, or even Pilates, exercise balls - or stability balls as they are sometimes called - have been part of the mind-body fitness world for just a brief period of time. But in those few years, these balls have proven their value in building core strength and strengthening your stabilizing muscles while you focus on the major muscle groups. There have been many programs developed that combine Yoga or Pilates with exercise balls, and accessories to enhance stability ball exercise. This page will show you some of the endless possibilities of the exercise ball.

tai chi and qi gong Tai Chi and Qi Gong
These gentle exercises from China are surprisingly powerful when it comes to maintaining health for a lifetime. Tai Chi is a form of exercise that anyone can do at any age, and it will create balance in body and mind. Qi Gong is especially healing, and has been used to enhance well-being in those with various forms of ailments. These are forms of meditation in motion, and their effect on the mind is as profound as their effect on the body.

padded meditation bench Meditation Supplies
If you are neglecting mind while you are focused on your body, you are forgetting the most important part of fitness! Anyone who has pursued exercise with awareness realizes just how much the mind plays a part in achieving goals, and those who have practiced Yoga or any other style of Eastern-based exercise knows that the mind goes far beyond that. Perhaps your Yoga practice has inspired you to explore stillness, or maybe you have just heard that meditation is a great way to relieve stress. In any case, there are many ways to enhance your meditation experience, to make sitting easier, to create a pleasant, meditative atmosphere, or to create a sacred place in which to develop your meditation practice. You find those tools here.

meditating on the beach Yoga & Meditation Posters
Get inspired with these Yoga & meditation posters, photo prints and fine art prints - we have combed through the vast galleries of & to find their most beautiful and evocative posters, prints and more.
Gaiam Yoga and Pilates

Wai Lana Yoga

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