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If you want your pet to share in your healthy lifestyle, then you've come to the right place! Whether you're looking for cat toys and furniture, gourmet cat and dog treats, natural pet supplements or dog grooming equipment, you'll find them at the great companies below. Many merchants carry products with ingredients that are holistic, natural and human-grade. Shopping for pet supplies online was never so easy!

Check These Out
Cheddar Kitty Cottage Pets Alive!™ Pet Gifts
Here's an adorable and inexpensive hideaway for your cat - a carpeted kitty cottage! Can be used to hide the litterbox, too!
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This special blend of high-nutrient ingredients relieves itching and sore skin for dogs and cats. No corn allergens! One of the best pet supplements!
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Spoil your favorite four-legged companion with our own special picks!
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Cat Products Reviewed by a Cat!
Want the best cat toys, collars, cat trees and scratching posts? Then why not ask a cat for her opinion? Sparkle the Designer cat will tell you what cats like!
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Our Merchants
Have trusted name in pet supplies as close as your computer! PetsMart has all your pet needs whether you have a cat, dog, bird, ferret, reptile, fish or other small animal. Use the handy search box to your left to find exactly what you're looking for!

Only Natural Pet Store Only Natural Pet Store
If you're like many of our readers, you prefer your products to take a natural approach, and the Only Natural Pet Store is just what it name says - an online store that takes a holistic approach to pet health. They also refuse to carry products that contain substances that could be considered dangerous, carcinogenic, unhealthy, or harmful to the environment. The remedies, grooming and daily pet care items at the Only Natural Pet Store are carefully chosen and of the highest quality.
Give your feline friends years of fun with high quality cat toys and furniture. carries a great selection of cat climbing toys - cat gyms, scratchproof sisal poles, hammocks, beds and more, all uniquely designed and available in a variety of colors. Find inexpensive cardboard cat towers to designer cat jewelry - there's something for every cat lover's budget.

Pet Care Central Pet Care Central
The people at Pet Care Central were some of the first online merchants, and they have a wide variety of products for all your pet needs, whether you have cats, dogs, ferrets, birds or other critters. Pet Care Central stocks a lot of pet products that are just a little outside of the ordinary - items you might not find at your typcial pet store chain - so check 'em out!

Entirely Pets
You don't have to visit your vet every time you need high quality nutritional supplements and pet meds. Visit Entirely Pets' online store and you'll save money along with giving your dog or cat the best. (Got a bird, horse, ferret, fish or reptile? Entirely Pets has products for them too!) You'll find known brand names such as Advantage, Frontline, Feliway, Heartgard and more. You can even get vaccinations and prescription pet meds (Entirely Pets has several methods for you send over the 'script). Keep your pets healthy and happy with the help of Entirely Pets!

If you're the outdoorsy type, this company understands - and they want you to bring your dog along to enjoy the trip! Lightweight travel bowls to stuff in your backpack, K-9 life jackets for water sports, fleece-lined coats for cold weather camping, hands-free leashes for everywhere. Your dog will be ready to hit the trail in any weather!
Great Deals!
Lixit Step 'n Dine
This great invention covers your cat's dish to keep the food fresh - and she can lift the lid herself to dine!
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Got a Puppy?
Your new best friend deserves only the best, all-natural puppy food, so get the canned Wellness Super5Mix from the Only Natural Pet Store!
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World's Best Cat Litter - Really!
This company is so sure that their cat litter is the best that it's in their name! All natural, clumping, no clay and flushable! Our cats use it and swear by it!
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Organimals Pet Shampoo for Dogs
Superb, all-natural shampoo helps keep fleas and other pests away and leaves your dog's coat soft and clean. Natural coconut oil soap base cleanses gently, without irritating a dog's sensitive skin.
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Cat Posters
By popular demand - a whole store of photographic cat posters! Hand-picked by us, presented in association with
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Premier Nite Lite Collars & Leads
These reflecting collars and leads will keep you and your dog safer during those pleasant evening walks.
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Talking Pet Toys!
Imagine the look on your pet's face when its plush bone or toy bear begins talking in your voice!
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