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Make your kitchen an attractive and environmentally-friendly place with the items from these merchants. They carry everything from non-toxic cleaners to kitchenware made of recycled materials to energy-saving appliances!

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Countertop Dishwashericon Jack La Lanne's Power Juicer 100% Natural Hemp Tablecloth
Gaiam's Countertop Dishwasher fits on counters, under cabinets, and into small spaces. It's engineered for efficient water, energy and detergent conservation!
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Jack LaLanne has been the most trusted name in fitness for over 50 years, and juicing is one the keys to his longevity! Give his own juicer a whirl!
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Available in two popular sizes, this tablecloth handles washing and ironing easily and will last longer than its cotton cousin under normal use.
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Deluxe GT Xpress101
Yes, this quick, versatile cooker is every bit as good as it says on the infomercial! You can cook faster and healthier!
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Our Merchants - Save the Planet! Abundant Earth
Looking for an electricity-efficient freezer or a hemp tablecloth? These are just examples of the wide variety of products you'll find at Abundant Earth. This environmentally conscious company is constantly adding to their efforts to create a healthy, sustainable world through their eco-friendly items and services. Plus, you won't find many of these items anywhere else!

120x60 - Natural Lifestyle Destination GAIAM
Along with its famed Yoga and Pilates videos, GAIM carries a wide variety of items for home and hearth. They promote environmentally friendly solutions with their water filters and composting, and help you create lovely surroundings with beautiful tabletop accessories. Go with a trusted name!
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Recycled Glass Goblets & Tumblersicon
Enjoy the gem-like beauty of these goblets and tumblers and know that you are supporting a program that helps sustain global artisans through their crafts!
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The Magic Bullet
Here's another infomercial item that's really great! You can whip up hundreds of healthy dishes, from salsas to soups, in just seconds!
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Flour Sack Towelsicon
Sometimes old-fashioned really is best! Made without dyes or chlorine bleach these flour sack towels are ideal for washing, streak-free dish drying and many other kitchen tasks.
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