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Outfit your home with environmentally friendly solutions - whether your concern is finding furniture made of sustainably harvested wood, keeping your drinking water pure, or just creating beautiful, serene surroundings, these companies have something for you:

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Temple Lamp Hummingbird Doorbell & Knocker Flax Art Fun Decor!
Inspired by both Japanese and Mission architecture, this beautiful Temple Fluorescent Lamp is made from sustainably harvested woods.
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Made from recycled solid brass with an exquisite verdi finish, this charming hummingbird design will be a hit!
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We love the witty, whimsical decor and gifts at Flax Art & Design! Check out some of our favorite items for home and gift giving!
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Natural Area Rugs
Find high quality natural sisal rugs, seagrass carpeting, mountain grass rugs, jute rugs and carpets at great prices. They do custom too!
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Our Merchants - Save the Planet! Abundant Earth
Abundant Earth offers a wide variety of environmentally sensitive products and services for people who want to make a difference in the world. Their earth friendly furniture is made responsibly, with an eye on protecting the environment. They're also a progressive company that, like many of its customers, supports many worthy causes. Support Abundant Earth's efforts and buy its unique products!

Back Be Nimble Back Be Nimble
At some time in their lives, the majority of adults will suffer back pain. Back Be Nimble offers over a thousand doctor-tested products that ease back pain and promote health. Whether you want comfort at home, at the office, in your car or while you're sleeping, Back Be Nimble has a solution that will have you feeling great. Flax Art & Design
Flax Art & Design is where creative people shop for gifts and home decor! They feature well designed, often whimsical gifts, and also a complete range of art materials, fine papers, stationary and photo albums. Here's a gift and home site for people who want something a little different from the usual!

120x60 - Natural Lifestyle Destination GAIAM
GAIAM carries high-quality, environmentally friendly home solutions and decor for your surroundings. Show your respect for good health by installing a water filter, your desire for peace with a running water fountain, or your sense of style by outfitting your home with natural furniture and decor. GAIM has it all!
Here's where art meets home furnishing and home accents. At the Guild's site you'll find beautiful artwork, sculptures, home decor and more, crafted by artisans with an unusual feel. Make your home truly special with these original items!

Flowers Direct from the Grower
Nothing makes a fresher statement than a few colorful flower bouquets brightening up your home. You can get your flowers - or a pretty plant - direct from the grower and save money too! What could be more convenient, or lovlier?

Exquisite relaxation products at Discount Prices. Serenity Health
Transform your home into a peaceful retreat with Serenity Health's zen alarm clocks, indoor water fountains, nature lamps, and hammocks - or choose from dozens more soothing, life-affirming items. The wide range of prices guarantees there's something to fit everyone's budget - even yours!

Illuminations Candlelight Illuminations
If you have a weakness for candles, candle holders, or anything that smells good, you'll love Illuminations' dreamy items. Here's a great place to find a housewarming gift, or to accessorize your own beautiful home. Definitely winning decor! Check out our own personal Illuminations favorites!

ZapWorld Get around the neighborhood while keeping the air pollution-free! Zap's electric scooters and bicycles are both practical and fun (as a matter of fact, David Bowie has a Zappy electric scooter)! They also carry fun aquatic toys, too! Zap's goal is to revolutionize transportation - find out more on their ZapWorld site, and get your own set of electric wheels!
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Lotus White Home Decoricon
Dress your home artfully in these earthy and colorful drapes, brass accents, bowls, lanterns and more from Lotus White.
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Stunning Candles & Candle Holders!
Decorate your home with our own personal picks from Illuminations - we think we've hunted down their best items!
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Shoji Folding Screenicon
Whether you're creating a meditative environment or simply looking for a stylish way to divide a room, this screen does the job beautifully.
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Relax the Back carries extremely back-friendly recliners at a variety of prices. Check out their selection - there's one in your price range!
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Discount Candle Shop
The best candles on the web at the best prices! See the Boutique's favorite picks here!
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Solar-Dynamo Multi-Band Radio
Be prepared for any emergency! Contains an environmentally-friendly battery and picks up shortwave frequencies, television bands, AM/FM, and National Weather Service bands.
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HoMedic's Anti-Gravity™ Chair
This attractive and highly affordable recliner offers a customized massage and gives you unparalleled relaxation!
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