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Can you think of anything more invigorating than spending time out in nature? Afternoons exploring the wild, evenings by the campfire, the fresh dawn of of new day out of doors - it's more than just a plesant break from civilization, it's practically mandatory to keep body and soul together. But before you head for the forest or the mountains, you'd better be prepared. You'll find a lot of what you need below. What you don't see you can get from the camping experts at Backcountry Store - you can even scroll down to the bottom of this page and use their handy search box!

Our Merchants
4-Season Tents These tents will protect you under any conditions imaginable. Whether you're on a 2-person trek or there's a group of you heading for the outdoors, there's a tent that will fit your needs.

Sleeping Bags Our selection of synthetic sleeping bags is especially for warmer weather - they'll give you a good night's rest in weather down to the 30s to the 50s.

Bivy-Sacks and Solo Tents Solo campers, cyclists and climbers will find a wide variety of bivy-sacks and solo tents, from light weight to high protection.

Daypacks and Backpacks Tote your gear in the mountains or around town with these daypacks and backpacks. Lots of great features, and you'll find your favorite brand names represented!

Backpacks and Weeklong Packs If you're heading out for a week or longer, these are the backpacks that will be able to house everything you need. These lightweight packs will stand up to the rough treatment a longer camping trip can dish out.

Camping Stoves Here's everything you need for gourmet cooking, outdoors-style: backpacking stoves, cooksets, maintenance kits and lots more!

Compasses There's a compass here to fit your experience and budget, whether you're new to getting around in the wild or you're an old hand at hiking through the wilderness.

Altimeters & High-Tech Sport Watches Here are more navigational tools and high-tech toys that will help you find your way around nature. There are features to please every adventurer and athlete.

Lanterns & Lantern Accessories These lantern and lantern accessories will shed light on your situation for sure. You'll find both fuel and candle lanterns, plus all the things that go with them.

First Aid Kits First aid kits are an absolute necessity when you're camping. The ones you'll find here are lightweight and will keep you prepared for any emergency. There are first aid kits for all situations, from two-person day hikes to weeks-long expeditions.

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