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In addition to its Yoga, Pilates and Fitness DVDs and videos, Gaiam also has a wealth of other mind-body programs, from T'ai Chi and Qigong to meditation and the Kabbalah. Here are some of the best mind-body DVDs and videos in the Gaiam library.

Budokon Beginning Practice DVDicon Budokon Beginning Practice DVDicon
This 40-minute workout develops your power, both inner and outer, with its blend of authentic Japanese and Korean martial arts, power yoga and meditation. This exciting and innovative exercise form will strengthen your body, mind and spirit!

T'ai Chi For Beginners DVD T'ai Chi For Beginners DVDicon
T'ai Chi builds balance, inner and out strength, and increases energy - and it can be done by all ages. This DVD gives you 3 very different routines: A.M. Chi gets you energized and ready to take on the day; Energy Chi strengthens your immune system while keeping your energy levels up; and the P.M. workout releases the stress of the day. David-Dorian Ross and Carole McPhee are the instructors.

Qigong For Beginners DVD Qigong For Beginners DVDicon
The focus of Qigong is to promote energy flow for optimum health and well-being through the use of gentle movement and breathing exercises. Master instructor Francesco Garipoli guides this 2-DVD set that teaches you how to tap into Qi energy.

AM-PM Meditation DVD with Rodney Yee and Maritza A.M./P.M. Meditation DVDicon
Attain centering, focus and stillness by de-stressing with meditation. Rodney Yee leads the A.M. segment, which gets your mind focused for the day; the rejuvenating P.M. segment is led by leading meditation teacher Maritza. Includes bonus Yoga segment.

Health Solutions for Stress Relief Deluxe DVDicon Health Solutions for Stress Relief Deluxe DVD
Manage stress the natural, drug-free way with the solutions contained in this DVD. Techniques include guided relaxation, breathing and meditation, Yoga, self-massage, stress-reducing foods and more. Put together by Dr. James Rouse, Gaiam's own consultant and spokesperson.

The Wisdom of Kabbalahicon The Wisdom of Kabbalah
In this 6-volume set, Rabbi Chaim Solomon leads a fascinating trek into the origins of the universe and the meaning of life. Topics include the limitations of human perception, the laws of cause and effect, the creation of the world and how this relates to current problems and difficulties. Available in either video or DVD.

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