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Because Gaiam is a leader in mind-body fitness, you'll find they have a variety of excellent Pilates DVDs, some of them award-winning! And it's no wonder - with renowned instructor like Ana Caban and Suzanne Deason, these Pilates workouts are bound to draw attention! So if you want the long, lean muscles that Pilates can give you, along with strong abs and back, then look no further than the Pilates DVDs below!

Pilates Beginning Mat Workout DVD Pilates Beginning Mat Workout DVDicon
Get your Pilates routine off to the right start with certified Pilates instructor Ana Caban. Caban gives you all the basics in this DVD - principles, form, moves - and gives you a workout that will tone your abs and lengthen the muscles of your lower body. Includes a bonus Energy Boost workout, and interview with Ana Caban.

Easy Pilates DVD Easy Pilates DVDicon
Learn the fundamentals of Pilates at your own pace with this 25-minute DVD. Ana Caban leads you through a program that is detailed and helps you to thoroughly understand each Pilates move and the muscles it works.

A.M. P.M. Pilates Mat Workout DVDicon A.M./P.M. Pilates Mat Workout DVDicon
There are two different Pilates workouts for different times of the day on this award-winning DVD. The A.M. workout is energizing; the P.M. workout relaxes. Both Pilates routines will tone and lengthen your core and lower body. Instructors are Ana Caban and Jillian Hessel.

Pilates for Weight Loss DVDicon Pilates for Weight Loss DVD
Another award-winning DVD, this one featuring Suzanne Deason. Pilates for Weight Loss teaches you how to use Pilates to rev up your metabolism and burn more calories. There are 3 intensity levels to keep your workouts fresh and your body from plateus.

Cardio Pilates DVDicon Cardio Pilates DVD
Certified Pilates instructor Ana Caban combines classic Pilates exercises and cardio to both shape your body and improve your cardiovascular fitness. Not your typical Pilates routine!

Pilates Intermediate Mat Workout DVDicon Pilates Intermediate Mat Workout DVD
Have you mastered the beginning Pilates DVDs? This one-hour workout with Ana Caban will give you a new challenge! You'll find new moves and advanced versions of already-familiar exercises.

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