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Yoga is for everybody, from the athlete to the person who wants to lose weight. It's even for kids. Gaiam has Yoga DVDs and videos for all needs. If you're an intermediate Yoga enthusiast, Gaiam has DVDs for you too!

Intermediate Yoga DVD Intermediate Yoga DVDicon
Rodney Yee offers a more advanced, hour-long program for those who are ready to take their Yoga practice to a new level. Includes inverted poses and instruction on enhancing the poses you already know.

Power Yoga Collection: Strength and Flexibility DVD Power Yoga Collection: Strength and Flexibility DVDicon
If you want to kick up your Yoga program a notch, get these two 20-minute Power Yoga routines from Rodney Yee. The Strength session will give your arms, chest and back a workout, and the Flexibility helps you to become more supple. This DVD also includes an interview with Rodney. This DVD is also part of a Power Yoga Kit.icon

Yoga Conditioning for Athletes DVDicon Yoga Conditioning for Athletes DVD
Yoga can really improve your game, no matter what you play, or how often. This hour-long session from Rodney Yee builds endurance and features modifications for those who want to enhance their flexibility and those who want to improve their strength.

Yoga Conditioning for Women DVDicon Yoga Conditioning for Women DVD
If you are an advanced beginner to intermediate Yoga enthusiast, this Yoga session with Suzanne Deason will help you get in touch with your femininity through balancing postures and a flowing, dancelike routine. Previously released under the title, "Yoga for Balance."

Yoga Conditioning for Weight Loss DVDicon Yoga Conditioning for Weight Loss DVD
Find out how Yoga can enhance your weight loss program with this DVD workout, which can accomodate four different levels of fitness! This DVD contains three hours of bonus footage not found on the video version! Instructor Suzanne Deason has enlisted women with real bodies to illustrate poses, so you won't be intimidated by stick-thin Yoga models. There is also a Yoga Conditioning for Weight Loss kit that includes book, audio CD and workout.icon

YogaKids 2 ABC for Ages 3-6 DVDicon YogaKids 2 ABC for Ages 3-6 DVD
Yoga enhances a child's physical fitness and playfully gives them a way to wind down. This program uses the alphabet to create Yoga games inspired by animals, plants and other fun things. With award-winning YogaKids creator Marsha Wenig.

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