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Gaiam has long been the leader when it comes to Yoga DVDs and videos. With well-known experts teaching and often featuring scenic backgrounds, these Yoga videos create a serene and expansive aura all their own. Whether you're new to Yoga, or just new to one particular style such as Ashtanga or Vinyasa Flow, you'll find programs below to help you get your Yoga routine started the right way.

AM PM Yoga For Beginners DVD AM/PM Yoga For Beginners DVDicon
Awaken to a gentle, yet energizing workout taught by renowned yoga instructor Rodney Yee that will prepare you for the day ahead. At the end of the day, relax and unwind under a spectacular Death Valley sunset with Patricia Walden's soothing evening routine. Get the AM/ PM Yoga For Beginners CD and do the practice away from the TV!icon

Yoga for Beginners II DVD Yoga for Beginners II DVDicon
Renowned Iyengar Yoga instructor Patricia Walden takes you, step-by-step, through important Yoga essentials, and thoroughly explains the details and benefits of each pose. Non-intimidating and, at 110 minutes, packed with valuable information!

Abs Yoga For Beginners DVD Abs Yoga For Beginners DVDicon
Rodney Yee offers up a half-hour Yoga routine that targets the abs. It starts with breathing, includes strengthening moves and ends with a relaxation segment that will leave you feeling refreshed.

Strength Building Yoga DVDicon Strength Building Yoga DVD
Use this strength-bulding Yoga program to enhance the Yoga classes you take. With Rodney Yee's poetic instruction, a bonus workout and interview and a total of 80 minutes in length, this DVD is a great asset to your Yoga library.

Ashtanga Yoga: Beginners Practiceicon Ashtanga Yoga: Beginners Practice
Are you ready to start a challenging Ashtanga Yoga Practice? This pair of award-winning DVDs taught by Nicki Doane will help you learn the basics. Doane explains the poses, and goes over them slowly and with patience so that your body really understands what it needs to do.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga Session I DVDicon Vinyasa Flow Yoga Session I DVD
If you want to get a solid foundation in Vinyasa Flow Yoga, then you'll want this session featuring Seane Corn. Corn leads you through the poses with detailed instruction and an extremely mindful approach, including Vinyasa breathing technique. This is a workout that is gratifying for both your physical and spiritual sides. Also available in video.

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